20 Mathematics Books Part 5

Abstract Algebra-ln *** Adler M – An Introduction to Complex Analysis for Engineers *** Advanced Calculus-Folland-solutions *** Adventures in Mathematics-Moskowitz *** Dissident Maps on the Seven-Dimensional Euclidean Space-Dieterich-Lindberg *** Elementary Textbook on the Calculus-Snyder-Hutchinson *** Elliptic Curves-Husemoeller-2e *** Goursat Edouard Hedrick Earle Raymond – A Course in Mathematical Analysis – Vol I

Handbook of Linear Algebra-ed Hogben *** Huettenmueller Rhonda – Algebra Demystified *** Jacobson N – Structure and Representation of Jordan Algebras *** Lecture Notes on Algorithm Analysis and Computation Complexity-Parberry-4e *** Lectures on Matrices-Wedderburn *** Lectures on Probability Theory and Statistics-ed Picard *** Mas-Colell Microeconomic Theory Solution Manual *** Mathematical Diamonds-Honsberger *** Partial Differential Equations-Nata *** The Basic Practice of Statistics-D S Moore-3e *** The Feynman Lectures on Physics *** Theory and Problems of General Topology-Lipschutz